Brighton Rocks


Well, hello there!  You’re looking very well, if I may say so.  

This morning I am off on a road trip with two of my favourite friends, and in honour of this I would like to list a few reasons why road trips are an excellent way to spend your day. 

1) They can come from unlikely situations – I have to go to Brighton today for a meeting, which is exciting but a bit nerve-racking at the same time.  I absolutely love my friends for showing their support by accompanying me, and for turning this experience into something that is now definitely more exciting than scary.  

2) They are real eye-openers – the last time I went on a road trip (which was also to Brighton, now that I think about it), we decided to take the scenic route from Canterbury down to Sussex, which turned out to be a very good call.  We got to drive through some very cute little villages and see more of the countryside than we would have done on the boring old motorway.  We may have had to give my friend Mario a fashion magazine to keep him quiet for the trip, but it was worth it for the views.

3) They are a chance to reconnect – all of us have friends whom we adore but don’t get to see often enough, and a road trip is a brilliant way to get some quality friend time in.  This is particularly true when you’re going on the road trip to visit someone far away (which I guess happens more often when you’re at uni, but actually it turns out that not all of my friends ended up settling in London.  Weird, right?)  Whether they’re in the car with you or waiting at your destination, road trips are all about the people you spend them with.  

4) They are great escapes – I’m moving house right now, and I don’t like it.  I don’t like change, I detest goodbyes and I loathe having to put my books into storage.  I think this is the perfect time to forget about my London-based concerns and escape down to the seaside, even if it’s just for a day.  Whatever we’re worried about, a fun day out can be just the boost we need.  There’s no shame in escaping your own life for a day, especially when there are bumper cars and beaches involved.  

5) They make for the best anecdotes – in case the picture at the top of this post has confused you, those are two of the guys I went to Brighton with on our last road trip.  I’ll tell you the story behind that picture sometime (although to be honest it’s fairly self-explanatory)… Anyway, great days make for great stories, and everyone loves an anecdote.

6) They are a great excuse to make a mixed CD – that’s just common sense.  What’s a road trip without a rocking soundtrack?

Wherever you are, have a brilliant day.

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