Hello!  Here is a page where you can learn a little bit more about me, written in the ever-professional (and slightly weird) third person.  Enjoy!

Vicki is a writer and theatre director.  She has an undergraduate Masters degree in Drama & Theatre Studies from the University of Kent, specialising in Directing for Theatre.  After graduating in 2011, she started Empty Photo Theatre with friend and colleague Mario Valerio, who has since moved into teaching.

With Empty Photo Theatre, Vicki has written and directed shows for the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe festivals, receiving several four star reviews.  For more information about Empty Photo Theatre, click here.

Vicki has had her scripts performed at new writing showcases across London, and has also directed new work by other writers.  She has worked in regional theatre, theatrical management and, for a blessedly short period of time, in a temporary book shop.

Vicki is a firm believer in collaborative work, new writing being the key to theatre’s progress and the miraculous powers of a good mug of coffee.

Currently, Vicki is working on turning her play Chris is Dead into a film, working with Kate Goodfellow on a devised piece for Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and generally sorting her life out.  She writes articles for Elite Daily, Miro Magazine and Everything Theatre.

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